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District Attorney Candidate Ray Tierney Announces That Tim Sini Failed To Indict Over 100 Gun Crimes


Suffolk County District Attorney candidate and former Federal Prosecutor Ray Tierney today revealed shocking information showing how current District Attorney Tim Sini’s gross incompetence and failure to act as a District Attorney has resulted in less security for all Suffolk County Residents. Tierney discussed Sini’s refusal to indict over 100 gun crimes and also his failure to have a comprehensive plan to combat the steadily rising tide of crime.

Tierney explained that Sini’s lapse of Suffolk County’s ShotSpotter program, a multi-million dollar system that immediately detects the sound of guns being fired, is a great example of Sini’s failure as District Attorney. ShotSpotter is a valuable resource that provides important gun crime data to Suffolk County. The ShotSpotter equipment picks up gunshot blasts and analyzes the data, providing that information to law enforcement within about 30 seconds after a shooting. With the ShotSpotter program, it has been reported that there has been a 50% to 89% improvement in shell casing recovery in homicide cases involving a firearm. The efficacy of this equipment is especially relevant during a time when there has been a skyrocketing increase in fatal shootings in Suffolk County.

The facts are clear and stand on their own. Sini failed to indict over 100 gun crimes. This is simply unacceptable and protects criminals at the expense of the safety of Suffolk County residents,stated Tierney.

A video from Wednesday’s press conference can be found here.

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