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Suffolk County DA Candidate Ray Tierney Comments on Apparent Gang-Related Triple Homicide in Farmingville


Ray Tierney, Republican and Conservative candidate for Suffolk County District Attorney, is available for comment on the most recent shooting in Suffolk County. On July 23, three people were shot and killed in a home in Farmingville, marking the seventh gun-related murder for the week. He says the murders were apparently gang- and drug-related.

“Unfortunately, this tragedy comes as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to what is going on with the District Attorney’s Gang program, which has long since valued headlines and sound bites over actual results,” Mr. Tierney says. “As Suffolk’s District Attorney, I will focus on those gang members responsible for the violence to ensure that their cases get prosecuted promptly and effectively.”

So far this month, there have been nine reported shootings, resulting in nine deaths and two additional injuries. The number of reported shootings so far this year have eclipsed the total number of shootings last year by 57% and the five-year average (from 2016-2020) by 44%. Shootings in Suffolk have become a growing problem for the past few years. In just two years, when comparing 2020 to 2018, gun-related homicides were up 43%, shootings were up 80% and the number of shooting victims increased by 94%.

“Right now, serious felonies are remaining unindicted, and persons carrying illegal weapons in our most vulnerable communities are being offered ridiculously favorable plea bargains,” Mr. Tierney says. “Gang prosecutions are difficult, and the current District Attorney lacks the resolve and expertise to ensure that these critically important cases are being effectively prosecuted. As a federal prosecutor, I prosecuted MS-13 and Colombia’s Norte del Valle drug cartel. When it comes to these violent criminal gangs motivated by illegal drug profits, we can never let up in pursuing these criminals for these heinous acts and prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law. When I become DA in November, I will do what I have done for my entire career, which is work tirelessly with our local, state and federal partners to keep our residents and streets safe from violent gang members and drug dealers.”

Ray Tierney For District Attorney

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