Campaign Address Campaign Office Address: PO Box 562, Farmingville, N.Y. 11738

Mailing Address Mailing Address: PO Box 562, Farmingville, N.Y. 11738

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Suffolk County District Attorney Campaign

The Experience We Can Trust

“When it comes to enforcing the law, there is no room for politics or the influence of self-serving special interests. The residents of Suffolk County demand no less from this most sacred elected office.” — Ray Tierney

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The District Attorney Suffolk County Deserves

The people of Suffolk County deserve a District Attorney like Ray Tierney. It’s time to bring experience, ethics, and accountability back to the highest law enforcement.

Ray Tierney is a prosecutor with a proven record of success, fairness, and integrity. He has dedicated his career to fighting for victims, and protecting citizens.

As an outstanding prosecutor, Ray has tackled the toughest cases in Suffolk County and has never backed down from the most difficult and challenging prosecutions. Ray has approached Long Island’s gang problem head-on and put dozens of members of MS-13 behind bars leading to safer communities and less fear. He has successfully prosecuted Colombian drug cartel cases, white-collar crime cases, public corruption cases, and MS-13 racketeering cases. He has advised the Attorney General, Department of Justice officials, and the President of the U.S. on long-term international criminal and MS-13 prosecutions, both nationwide and in New York.

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Fighting for Justice

“For far too long the District Attorney’s Office has stood idly by while our citizens have been victimized and our public treasury fleeced.”
—Ray Tierney

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Ray’s Plan to Bring Integrity and Combat Rising Violent Crimes

  • Have zero tolerance for bail and parole violators. He will work to repeal New York’s failed bail reform.
  • Re-establish the DA’s Gang Unit and Suffolk’s Gang Task Force.
  • Expand the DA’s White Collar Crime Bureau to combat identity theft and cybercrimes.
  • With a reputation for non-partisanship, Ray will bring integrity in a DA’s office that has been plagued for decades by politically motivated prosecutions.

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Election Day: Tuesday, November 2nd
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