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Suffolk County District Attorney Candidate Ray Tierney Presents Plan To Combat Skyrocketing Gun Violence In Light Of Newsday Exclusive Report

Ray Tierney 9/13/21 Press Conference

Ray Tierney stands alongside a poster of the Newsday article announcing a 23% rise in shootings in Suffolk County this year during a press conference that was held in front of Tommy’s Place in Port Jefferson Village — the site of a deadly gang-related shooting three months ago.

Suffolk County District Attorney candidate Ray Tierney held a press conference on Monday to respond to Newsday’s exclusive report on skyrocketing gun violence in Suffolk County. Tierney commented on how current District Attorney Tim Sini’s gross incompetence and failure to act as District Attorney led to a tragic increase in gun violence in Suffolk County, pointing specifically to Sini’s failure to prosecute gun crimes. Tierney also proposed three concrete solutions to this critical issue: as District Attorney, Tierney would develop a Crime Strategies Unit, create a dedicated centralized gang unit, and pursue aggressive prosecution.

Newsday reported yesterday morning that there has been a 23% increase in shootings and a 50% rise in fatalities this summer in Suffolk County. The article highlights gang activity, illegal weapons, and fewer gun seizures as contributing factors. Ray Tierney explained that a lack of action from current District Attorney Sini is ultimately the most significant cause of the skyrocketing gun violence.

This unacceptable increase in gun violence is happening because Tim Sini refuses to do his job as District Attorney and actually prosecute gun crimes! Sini failed to timely prosecute over 100 gun crimes just in April of this year in Suffolk County, leaving dangerous criminals on our streets. The vast majority of the violence committed in the county is being driven by gangs. Thus, you need a gang bureau and crime strategies bureau that will work hand-in-hand with law enforcement to identify, investigate, and prosecute these gang members in a timely manner. Timely prosecution means taking these violent actors off the street as quickly as possible. Right now, that is not happening, and the current District Attorney is not up to the task, stated Tierney.

Tierney described Sini’s failure as being even worse than Bail Reform, which in and of itself has increased violence and chaos. Tierney’s message is clear — Suffolk County residents are no longer safe and this must change. He discussed how it is painful enough to think about this drastic increase in crime in Suffolk County in general, let alone to consider the effect of Sini’s incompetence on our most vulnerable communities.

When I become DA in November, I will do what I have done for my entire career, which is work tirelessly with our local, state, and federal partners to keep our residents safe. This would be my job as District Attorney. This is what I would be elected to do. This is what Tim Sini was elected to do, and yet, he continuously refuses to put the safety of Suffolk County residents first. That will change in November,added Tierney.

A video from Monday’s press conference can be found here:

Ray Tierney For District Attorney

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